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Asian Booth Babes

Booth babes is the slang for the girls who work as a promotional model at trade shows and fairs. When I visited the Kuala Lumpur Grand Prix there were a few around, and they start posing when they see a camera. Ok.

Shell Advance Booth Babes

Shell Advance Booth Babes (3951 views)

Asian Beauty  two

Asian Beauty Two (12134 views)

Asian Beauty

Asian Beauty (27635 views)

Asian Booth Babe  four

Asian Booth Babe Four (7550 views)

Asian Booth Babe  three

Asian Booth Babe Three (7944 views)

Asian Booth Babe  two

Asian Booth Babe Two (6959 views)

Asian Booth Babe

Asian Booth Babe (7885 views)

Denso Booth Babes

Denso Booth Babes (6435 views)

Girls Posing

Girls Posing (6824 views)

Kymco Girls

Kymco Girls (9848 views)

Modenas Booth Babes

Modenas Booth Babes (6295 views)

packing ads

Packing Ads (5333 views)

posing girls

Posing Girls (5091 views)

posing with girls five

Posing With Girls Five (4603 views)

posing with girls four

Posing With Girls Four (7128 views)

posing with girls one

Posing With Girls One (4623 views)

posing with girls six

Posing With Girls Six (3932 views)

posing with girls three

Posing With Girls Three (2988 views)

posing with girls two

Posing With Girls Two (2961 views)

power to reach the top

Power To Reach The Top (3476 views)

shell girls

Shell Girls (4498 views)

sol racing girl

Sol Racing Girl (6383 views)

Sweet Smile

Sweet Smile (4354 views)

two girls posing

Two Girls Posing (3146 views)

two girls

Two Girls (4860 views)

two smiling girls

Two Smiling Girls (3741 views)

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