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Malaysia Pictures - Kuala Lumpur Pictures

Pictures made in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2008. (and some stock pictures found in 2021) This picture gallery disappeared in my archive and the original domain I hosted it on was lost. The gallery software I used then was 4images, unfortunately that software is not maintained anymore so I made new software around the database, and here it is. The pictures have moved around a bit, and were resized a few times, so they lost quality, dont know were the originals are... Anyways, Kuala Lumpur about 13 years ago...

Kuala Lumpur Bird ParkThe Kuala Lumpur bird park is the largest covered bird...
Shopping Malls Kuala LumpurI usually faithfully follow my wife into shopping malls, and...
Buddhist Temple Kuala LumpurThe Thean Hou Buddhist Temple is a Picturesque Chinese temple...
Royal Palace Kuala LumpurThe Royal Palace or Istana Negara. Home of the King...
Kuala Lumpur by NightKl is very alive in the night, and the atmosphere...
People in MalaysiaPictures from People in Kuala Lumpur. Just from walking around...
Kuala Lumpur TowerThe Kuala Lumpur Tower or better the Menara Kuala Lumpur...
Petronas Twin TowersKLCC, knew it from the pictures. In real life however...
Grand Prix Circuit Kuala LumpurPictures shot during the MotoGP of October 2007. Participants were...
Asian Booth BabesBooth babes is the slang for the girls who work...
Kuala Lumpur ChinaTown by NightStrolling around Kuala Lumpur Chinatown in the night. Bought one...
Gary - RestartMandarin singer, promoting his new CD in a KL shopping...
Stock Photo MalaysiaFound some free stock pictures for testing, here they are...
cook food on table

Cook Food On Table (6089 views)

twin towers details

Twin Towers Details (3557 views)

muslim fashion

Muslim Fashion (3612 views)

Neon Light Shop Colors

Neon Light Shop Colors (6273 views)

twin towers kl

Twin Towers Kl (228 views)

twin towers twilight

Twin Towers Twilight (138 views)

twin tower bridge

Twin Tower Bridge (148 views)

mosque cina melaka

Mosque Cina Melaka (272 views)

muslim girl on bench

Muslim Girl On Bench (232 views)

pasembur rojak campuran

Pasembur Rojak Campuran (170 views)

kl from above

Kl From Above (176 views)

kuala lumpur

Kuala Lumpur (149 views)

Malaysian flag

Malaysian Flag (139 views)

from the buddhist temple

From The Buddhist Temple (134 views)

hindu temple kl

Hindu Temple Kl (168 views)

just a street

Just A Street (123 views)

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