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Buddhist Temple Kuala Lumpur

The Thean Hou Buddhist Temple is a Picturesque Chinese temple with impressive architecture. It is situated on a hill offering excellent view over the city. Very colorful temple.

Chinese Zodiac AnimalsAt the temple you find the statues of the Chinese...
Buddhist Temple Two

Buddhist Temple Two (6989 views)

Buddhist Temple KL

Buddhist Temple KL (42839 views)

female statue

Female Statue (4172 views)

girl burning incense two

Girl Burning Incense Two (4503 views)

girl burning incense

Girl Burning Incense (3655 views)

girl praying

Girl Praying (4514 views)

incense burning

Incense Burning (3938 views)

inside the temple four

Inside The Temple Four (3211 views)

inside the temple one

Inside The Temple One (3468 views)

inside the temple three

Inside The Temple Three (3845 views)

inside the temple two

Inside The Temple Two (3690 views)

little boy praying two

Little Boy Praying Two (5157 views)

little boy praying

Little Boy Praying (4331 views)

little buddhas

Little Buddhas (4382 views)

people praying four

People Praying Four (7060 views)

people praying one

People Praying One (3272 views)

people praying three

People Praying Three (7883 views)

people praying two

People Praying Two (3765 views)

people visiting temple

People Visiting Temple (2947 views)

temple and city two

Temple And City Two (2511 views)

temple and city

Temple And City (2517 views)

temple buddhist

Temple Buddhist (2662 views)

temple ceiling

Temple Ceiling (2921 views)

temple entrance

Temple Entrance (2581 views)

temple grounds

Temple Grounds (2397 views)

turtles in temple pond

Turtles In Temple Pond (3370 views)

wall painting

Wall Painting (2777 views)

woman and incense

Woman And Incense (2587 views)

woman lighting incense

Woman Lighting Incense (2518 views)

woman praying

Woman Praying (2988 views)

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