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Kuala Lumpur by Night

Kl is very alive in the night, and the atmosphere is friendly.

bak kut teh

Bak Kut Teh (4528 views)

band playing in the street

Band Playing In The Street (4126 views)

bar disco restaurant

Bar Disco Restaurant (8702 views)

Chinese Restaurant on the street

Chinese Restaurant On The Street (16488 views)

colorful lights building

Colorful Lights Building (4821 views)

didgeridoo players night

Didgeridoo Players Night (4302 views)

food on the street

Food On The Street (3867 views)

hong kong roasted meat

Hong Kong Roasted Meat (3460 views)

jalan sultan ismail

Jalan Sultan Ismail (4684 views)

kl city night

Kl City Night (6763 views)

kl night street

Kl Night Street (5714 views)

kl street night

Kl Street Night (6253 views)

Massage KL City

Massage KL City (26943 views)

night restaurant

Night Restaurant (4921 views)

Outback Steakhouse KL

Outback Steakhouse KL (10887 views)

plastic flowers restaurant

Plastic Flowers Restaurant (3217 views)

plaza low yat

Plaza Low Yat (3730 views)

restaurant in the night

Restaurant In The Night (2742 views)

running the good race

Running The Good Race (2860 views)

smoking water pipe

Smoking Water Pipe (3894 views)

statue kl night street

Statue Kl Night Street (3650 views)

subway station

Subway Station (3763 views)

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