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Pictures from People in Kuala Lumpur. Just from walking around in the streets and malls.

VariousJust pictures that didn't fit anywhere else on the...
Girl with Mobile Phone

Girl With Mobile Phone (12992 views)

Cute Kid and Ad

Cute Kid And Ad (5223 views)

Cute Asian Kids

Cute Asian Kids (9098 views)

People Shopping

People Shopping (28470 views)

Muslim Women on the Street

Muslim Women On The Street (5876 views)

local restaurant

Local Restaurant (4778 views)

localmarket people

Localmarket People (4952 views)

mall skating girl

Mall Skating Girl (4908 views)

mall skating group

Mall Skating Group (4502 views)

Skating in a Mall

Skating In A Mall (5018 views)

Mosque Family Picture

Mosque Family Picture (5639 views)

mosque picture

Mosque Picture (4476 views)

sales woman mall

Sales Woman Mall (5228 views)

shoeservice people

Shoeservice People (4460 views)

Mall Security Guard

Mall Security Guard (7400 views)

Umbrella on Motorbike

Umbrella On Motorbike (12916 views)

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