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Just pictures that didn't fit anywhere else on the site.

Old and New

Old And New (2941 views)

Malaysian Flag

Malaysian Flag (4809 views)

Government on big Billboard

Government On Big Billboard (4634 views)

Roland Keyboard Demo

Roland Keyboard Demo (4375 views)

Public Toilet

Public Toilet (13280 views)

Nanking Hotel (no more)

Nanking Hotel (no More) (2539 views)

Shopping Street

Shopping Street (3356 views)

Back Street Garbage

Back Street Garbage (6485 views)

Bubble Art near Mall

Bubble Art Near Mall (3161 views)

Colorful Ads in KL

Colorful Ads In KL (3546 views)

Colorful and Sweet

Colorful And Sweet (3015 views)

Digi Mobile Phone Provider

Digi Mobile Phone Provider (3907 views)

financial security yes

Financial Security Yes (3273 views)

four seasons hotel tall

Four Seasons Hotel Tall (4316 views)

four seasons hotel

Four Seasons Hotel (5044 views)

Jewelry behind bars

Jewelry Behind Bars (4584 views) (4604 views)

KL Mono Rail

KL Mono Rail (3544 views)

local vcd store

Local Vcd Store (4127 views)

lonely seafood

Lonely Seafood (2431 views)

many klinik

Many Klinik (2919 views)

money exchange rupiah

Money Exchange Rupiah (3569 views)

monorail through town

Monorail Through Town (2417 views)

motorbike service

Motorbike Service (3183 views)

muslim fashion

Muslim Fashion (3584 views)

people in subway

People In Subway (7946 views)

subway station

Subway Station (3267 views)

toko on parking

Toko On Parking (2230 views)

tune hotel

Tune Hotel (4633 views)

art in kl park

Art In Kl Park (7127 views)

building on merdeka square

Building On Merdeka Square (4315 views)

malay war monument one

Malay War Monument One (3515 views)

merdeka national museum

Merdeka National Museum (4717 views)

merdeka old new

Merdeka Old New (2374 views)

merdeka square buildings two

Merdeka Square Buildings Two (3937 views)

merdeka square buildings

Merdeka Square Buildings (2918 views)

merdeka square flag

Merdeka Square Flag (3334 views)

merdeka square fountain two

Merdeka Square Fountain Two (2726 views)

merdeka square fountain

Merdeka Square Fountain (2367 views)

merdeka square pic

Merdeka Square Pic (2809 views)

Old Train Station

Old Train Station (4263 views)

war monument detail one

War Monument Detail One (2400 views)

war monument detail two

War Monument Detail Two (2412 views)

Mono Rail Driver

Mono Rail Driver (3132 views)

Houses in Kuala Lumpur

Houses In Kuala Lumpur (16655 views)

KL Buildings

KL Buildings (3187 views)

Kuala Lumpur Maju dan Makmur

Kuala Lumpur Maju Dan Makmur (11176 views)

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