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Gary - Restart

Mandarin singer, promoting his new CD in a KL shopping mall. Didn't understand anything, lots of chinese speaking people around. Nice to take some pictures anyway.

Gary Intro

Gary Intro (3467 views)

dancers striking the pose

Dancers Striking The Pose (3124 views)


Fans (2866 views)

gary 2

Gary 2 (2898 views)

gary 3

Gary 3 (2904 views)

gary and dancers

Gary And Dancers (3051 views)

gary and male dancers

Gary And Male Dancers (3253 views)

gary dancer one

Gary Dancer One (2912 views)

gary dancer two

Gary Dancer Two (3419 views)

gary fans two

Gary Fans Two (2832 views)

gary fans

Gary Fans (2953 views)


Gary (2968 views)

people watching gary

People Watching Gary (5070 views)

young music fan

Young Music Fan (3010 views)

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