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Stock Photo Malaysia

Found some free stock pictures for testing, here they are

aerial view

Aerial View (170 views)

alcohol liquid photoshop

Alcohol Liquid Photoshop (192 views)

beautiful muslim woman

Beautiful Muslim Woman (190 views)

birds eye

Birds Eye (181 views)

chinese temple stairs

Chinese Temple Stairs (197 views)

from the buddhist temple

From The Buddhist Temple (256 views)

hindu temple kl

Hindu Temple Kl (313 views)

just a street

Just A Street (243 views)

kl from above

Kl From Above (374 views)

kuala lumpur

Kuala Lumpur (277 views)

Malaysian flag

Malaysian Flag (260 views)

mosque cina melaka

Mosque Cina Melaka (592 views)

muslim girl on bench

Muslim Girl On Bench (446 views)

pasembur rojak campuran

Pasembur Rojak Campuran (307 views)

twin tower bridge

Twin Tower Bridge (270 views)

twin towers kl

Twin Towers Kl (361 views)

twin towers twilight

Twin Towers Twilight (264 views)

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