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Shopping Malls Kuala Lumpur

I usually faithfully follow my wife into shopping malls, and when I am alone, I keep the habit. Kuala Lumpur has plenty of shopping available, prices seem sort of like Europe to me. Only outside the centre, you will find more *Asian prices*.

Shopping Mall Bears

Shopping Mall Bears (3732 views)

People in Shopping Street

People In Shopping Street (4914 views)

In the Mall

In The Mall (5489 views)

Electronic Massage

Electronic Massage (6017 views)

Cheap Electronics

Cheap Electronics (9015 views)

Neon Light Shop Colors

Neon Light Shop Colors (6427 views)

Action Figures

Action Figures (9010 views)

Big Hamburger

Big Hamburger (6707 views)

Big Robinho Nike advertisement

Big Robinho Nike Advertisement (6178 views)

Box Office Cinema

Box Office Cinema (8453 views)

fashion ad

Fashion Ad (5054 views)

Food Court in Shopping Mall

Food Court In Shopping Mall (27755 views)

food court mall

Food Court Mall (15747 views)

freaky mask mall

Freaky Mask Mall (4421 views)

funny wig mall

Funny Wig Mall (5328 views)

Gashapon World figures

Gashapon World Figures (6848 views)

Girl in Shop

Girl In Shop (5938 views)

girls bears beetle

Girls Bears Beetle (6121 views)

jackie chan sport

Jackie Chan Sport (3594 views)

ken west mall

Ken West Mall (3307 views)

lillian too feng shui shop

Lillian Too Feng Shui Shop (11320 views)

little taiwan food

Little Taiwan Food (4531 views)

lost girl in mall

Lost Girl In Mall (4629 views)

lot10 shopping close

Lot10 Shopping Close (4323 views)

lot10 shopping

Lot10 Shopping (4551 views)

Lucky Horse Feng Shui

Lucky Horse Feng Shui (18034 views)

mall inside

Mall Inside (14262 views)

poppop candy store

Poppop Candy Store (7065 views)

romp mall

Romp Mall (21618 views)

sales girl wanted

Sales Girl Wanted (4321 views)

school girls in mall

School Girls In Mall (5700 views)

Skull bag in Mall

Skull Bag In Mall (3282 views)

Sungei Wang Mall inside

Sungei Wang Mall Inside (6167 views)

sungei wang outside

Sungei Wang Outside (3761 views)

Sungei Wang Shopping Mall

Sungei Wang Shopping Mall (4488 views)

survival gear game

Survival Gear Game (5475 views)

Toy City

Toy City (31071 views)

wigs shop mall

Wigs Shop Mall (15677 views)

world of feng shui

World Of Feng Shui (4817 views)

Suria KLCC Mall

Suria KLCC Mall (8975 views)

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