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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

The Kuala Lumpur bird park is the largest covered bird park in the world, and home to the famous hornbill birds

Orange Ibis

Orange Ibis (6520 views)

Bird close up

Bird Close Up (3666 views)

funny bird eyes

Funny Bird Eyes (7770 views)

Hornbill eye

Hornbill Eye (12982 views)

hornbill two

Hornbill Two (3244 views)


Hornbill (6145 views)

kl bird park bird

Kl Bird Park Bird (3512 views)


Peacock (3919 views)


Pigeon (2746 views)

black hornbill

Black Hornbill (3856 views)

black white hornbill

Black White Hornbill (4373 views)

Brahminy Kite

Brahminy Kite (4401 views)


Flamingos (3326 views)


Oistrich (3967 views)

orchid in bird park

Orchid In Bird Park (3352 views)

peacock two

Peacock Two (3050 views)

red eyed hornbill

Red Eyed Hornbill (2686 views)

sleeping owl

Sleeping Owl (3717 views)

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