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Petronas Twin Towers

KLCC, knew it from the pictures. In real life however its much more impressive, almost magical. In the Suria Mall inside there is a great classical music shop. Went to a classical concert in the Petronas Philharmonic Hall.

Looking up KLCC

Looking Up KLCC (4874 views)

single tower detail

Single Tower Detail (4894 views)

the twins close up

The Twins Close Up (5267 views)

twin tower by night

Twin Tower By Night (4834 views)

twin towers and flag

Twin Towers And Flag (4864 views)

twin towers detail

Twin Towers Detail (4747 views)

twin towers details

Twin Towers Details (3501 views)

twin towers from kl tower

Twin Towers From Kl Tower (10839 views)

twins at night

Twins At Night (3930 views)

KLCC in the Night

KLCC In The Night (26274 views)

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